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You surely have a lot of questions related to the December lock-down, here are the most important points:
Childminder daycare is open for:
1. Children of parents, one or both of whom are on the list (crucial professions).
2. Children for whom special problems or a difficult home situation requires care. Please discuss a private situation with the childminder. Your childminder knows you and the children and can decide on a case-by-case basis whether daycare is needed in this situation.
Employer’s statement:
Statement from the employer is not required. We trust that during this special time childminder will only benefit parents working in crucial professions and parents in an exceptional difficult situation.
Parents will receive an invoice during the lock-down based on the contractual hours plus extra hours in case you make use of extra hours. (Also parents for whom the childminder daycare is closed will receive an invoice based on the contractual hours).
Parents will receive 100% compensation during the lock-down. The maximum amount that will be compensated is:
For the year 2020 maximum 6.27 per hour
For the year 2021 maximum  6.49 per hour.
Do you have any questions? Please use the e-mail:
All important news will be announced on “Mijn Welkom Kind” website and “MyChapp” app

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